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Tea Leaf Green

Tea Leaf Green
Tea Leaf Green - San Francisco, CA

Having amazed growing audiences in the Bay Area throughout the past few years, Tea Leaf Green have become one of the fastest evolving musical acts on the West Coast. TLG's powerful rock and roll style allows the band to feature their diverse songwriting sensibilities and astounding amounts of raw talent.

Together, the Tea Leaf Green ensemble has the ability to take fans on a journey spanning all musical genres and delivering blistering next level epic peaks in one moment while cascading into a breathtaking moment of reflection grounded in true lyrical genius. As the bands momentum builds, audiences are left awe struck and amazed at the sheer intensity and good time feelings that emanate from the stage. In true Live Music fashion, Tea Leaf Green feeds off the audience's energy night after night, creating a collective musical experience that is both remarkable and historic.

Showcase MP3: Vote on Tuesday
Showcase MP3: Taught to be Proud
Myspace Page: Stream More Songs
Essential Listening: 11/12/2005 - Lewiston, ME
TLG Radio: Listen


RAQ - Burlington, VT

RAQ is a rising, electrifying quartet out of Burlington, VT. Described as "aggressive improvisational rock" their music steadily raises the stakes to the music fan while maintaining listening accessability. Their performances capture the listeners taking them for a joyride of the senses. It is a sound that is both retro and futuristic to a new generation of growing music fans.

In 2003, RAQ was nominated for a "Jammy" Award in the category of "Best New Band." Relix Magazine recently raved that "RAQ has the ability to captivate an audience, dropping jaws with hyperkinetic improvisational splendor." The band was also highlighted by Relix as one of the top bands to look out for in 2005.

Showcase MP3: Barometric
Showcase MP3: Circumstance
Myspace Page: Stream More Songs
Essential Listening: 11/26/2005 - New York, NY

Olospo Olospo - Dallas, TX

Taking its inspiration from all over the map of rock history, this Dallas- based group has been spewing its particular brand of high-energy rock since 1999.  Progressive structure is combined with pop-music stylings to create a unique, infectious sound.  Complex songs of many styles are played with an energy and level of musicianship that leaves crowds gaping.

Showcase MP3: Spindletop
Showcase MP3: The Shocker

Spoonfed Spoonfed Tribe - Dallas, TX

To describe a Spoonfed Tribe gathering would take too many words, talking too small to measure what is gained by the actual Experience of it all. So, to do our best, imagine a Show that captures all senses, presents all musical styles, glows with a fluorescent fury, and creates space to be different and unique, all while making you dance like an idiot!

Showcase MP3: 3657
Showcase MP3: Say Wha

Moses Guest Moses Guest - Houston, TX

Started in 1995, and named after founder Graham Guest's fifth generation grandfather, Moses Guest, is a Texas-based, Southern Rock band that has just enough Pop, Jazz, Funk, and Country in its veins to appeal to audiences of all ages and origins.

Showcase MP3 : Saint Mo
Essential Listening: 02/12/2004 - Houston, TX

Grassy Knoll Boys Grassy Knoll Boys - Austin, TX

Leaning into a single microphone for a three-part harmony, stepping back to make room for a burning banjo break or skirting around the upright bass, the Grassy Knoll Boys look exactly like what they started out as – five musicians who loved bluegrass enough to learn how to nail the hot picking and tight harmony singing that virtuosic style requires. A closer listen, however, reveals a band with much more on its mind than just reproducing the music of an earlier era.

Showcase MP3: Panther's Bluff
Showcase MP3: See That My Grave is Kept Clean

Larry Larry - Austin, TX

LARRY has built a huge family stretching throughout Texas and Colorado and slowly seeping into the pores of America. They have played with many amazing bands from around the country including Merl Saunders, Leftover Salmon, Grey Boy Allstars, Col. Bruce and ARU, and Chris Duarte.

Showcase MP3: Whistle Britches

Drop Trio Drop Trio - Austin, TX

" Drop Trio is anchored by a rhythm section tighter than the Texas education budget and a Rhodes keyboard that gets pushed to its limits on every cut. Think Medeski Martin and Wood, without their lame DJ, and then add in some elements of bayou funk and acid-tinged San Francisco hipness, and you're close to describing the sound of their instrumental jams". - Matt Sonzala

Essentail Listening: Drop Trio Radio
Collect All Five Collect All Five - Austin, TX

Collect All Five plays a set of original tunes peppered with a few choice covers played in their unique style. Shifting deftly between reggae, latin, rock and funk, using cutting edge effects and vintage soul, CA5 will move first the bodies, then the minds of those who listen.

Showcase MP3: Skeleton Key

Gnappy Gnappy - Austin, TX

An explosive quartet from Austin,Texas, GNAPPY combines the driving funk sensibilities of Galactic with the trip-jazz moodiness of Medeski, Martin & Wood and the hip-hop vibe of Groove Collective. The result - an enigmatic mixture of psychedelia, be-bop, and James Brown -influenced funk that has been described as "acid blazz and junk."

Showcase MP3: Purple Cadillac

Groovin Ground Groovin Ground - Austin, TX

Rock n Roll. Cinematic and epic journeys, soaring leads and synth psychedelia, memorable hooks & fantastic tales.  Eyes close, walls shake, dance floors rumble, energy accumulates until it can be contained no longer.  The Groovin Ground phenomenon: energetic, danceable, memorable, original.

Essentail Listening: 07/02/2003 - Austin, TX

Moving Matter Moving Matter - Austin, TX

A "blast-fusion" trio, Moving Matter weaves sounds of rock, jazz, funk and trance into a complex yet cohesive musical sphere...if you listen hard enough, you might hear something!

Showcase MP3 : Trodden St

Ephraim Ephraim Owens - Austin, TX

He is a master in the jazz arena, especially well known for his signature solos and ability to improvise. He has an uncanny ability to imagine his music laid on top of anything else he hears, and his adaptability makes him a welcome addition to almost any lineup. The Austin Chronicle ranks Ephraim as "Best Horn" in Austin.

Showcase MP3: Mo Mo Ci

The Transcenders - Dallas, TX

The Transcenders were formed to focus on writing and playing songs whose heartfelt messages inspire creativity, positive-thinking and spirituality. They are known for infusing rock, blues, funk, country and jazz along with stylized, improvisational solos and duel jams that showcase the talents and variety of musical influences of each member.

Showcase MP3: A Dark Ride

Little Brother Project Little Brother Project - Houston, TX

Little Brother Project is a six-piece funk and groove based band from Houston, TX.  They are a diverse and talent driven group whose live shows include catchy songs as well as skillful improvisation. With their wide variety of influences touching on so many styles, they create a welcoming and hip sound that is enjoyed by all.

Showcase MP3: People of the Hill

Melody Mann Melody Mann - Austin, TX

The creative thrust behind Melody Mann is the songwriting team of Kelly Williams-Mann and Thomas Mann. South meets north with Kelly's upbringing on Texas Honky Tonk and gospel music combined with Thomas's East Coast jazz and classical piano roots. Together they create a style of music that is both familiar and new, blending blues, rock and jazz with a little Texas twang - they call it "Texas Eclectic Music".

Showcase MP3: Hard Road

Shawn Nelson Shawn Nelson and the Ramblers - Austin, TX

Since that defining moment some ten years ago, Shawn has followed his calling as a singer/songwriter, steadily writing and performing for a mixed bag of devoted audiences. His music has threads of country, blues and rock. And his philosophy is simple – write lyrics with intent and back them with solid melodies.

Showcase MP3: How Long

Steps The Steps - Austin, TX

The Steps is a solid, young rock and roll four-piece going back to the basics in playing a mixture of the band's influences ranging from 60's soul, southern rock, pop, psychedelic, punk, and more. They combine a unique sense of music, style and electrifying stage presence.

Showcase MP3: Townes Lane

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